vrijdag 18 december 2015

Schedule calling webservices in your PAAS for SAAS environment

We came across the issue that we need to fetch data from our SAAS environment (could be Sales Cloud, Financials Cloud, etc) on an ongoing basis to make sure the data in our environment is up to date and for speed we want to fetch the data in a batch at night for example.

Now we were used to schedule a concurrent program in eBS if necessary, but now we have this architecture right ...

So for example Java Cloud Service with included Database Cloud Service. We build a custom application in ADF and deploy that to our JCS.
Now we need some information from the SAAS application and of course we can call a webservice to retrieve the data, but in some cases we like to fetch data in bulk in the night for performance and so we can query a group of objects with batch-integrated information.

We cannot schedule something in the SAAS environment to call webservices (and push the data), so we need some scheduling mechanisme in our PAAS environment to retrieve the data.

Oracle Java Cloud Service itself does not support timers or cron, but the Oracle Database Cloud Service supports a package called CLOUD_SCHEDULER which is able to call a PL./SQL stored procedure service.
The Oracle Database Cloud service also supports the ability to call a REST service on Java Cloud Service. This REST service on the Java Cloud Service can call the Oracle SAAS Cloud directly or via a JCS object.

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